Welcome to our new blog!

Ronan McCarthy imageAt long last, we are delighted to welcome you to our new blog where we hope to to interact with our current clients and hopefully some new potential ones.  First of all we hope you like the look of our new website site.  We intend to use the blog as an information tool across a wide range of financial matters that should be of interest to you.  It’s our intention to try and be one of your ‘GO TO’ information resources when it comes to providing you with the facts and stats required to making the right financial choices for you and your family.

First Stop – New Year’s resolutions


At some stage over the next few weeks you may decide to reflect and look back at the year just gone and muse about the year ahead.  Sometimes, you may even look at some items that affect your bank balance and your hard-earned cash. The mobile phone package, Gas and electricity provider, Satellite TV, even the waste companies bill are all looked at to see if a better deal is available. Why not add four other items to the resolution list:

  1. Check the cost of your family life assurance
  2. What am I paying for my illness cover and what are the benefits
  3. Mortgage protection cover
  4. Pension planning and investment.


Most people have an inbuilt switch that turns off when you mention these items, but believe me, if you haven’t review them in years, there’s better value and products available.  Make it your business to check out even two of the four and make your cash work harder.  Feel free to contact myself or Ciara for a free impartial review.


Finally, please do check out the topics on the Website which we will be updating regularly with various interesting links.  Please feel free to email us on any specific topic and we’ll use our blog to provide the necessary information.