Blog June 2020 – Zoom, Team, conference calls and even more coffee- all part of the of our new world of remote working.


We hope you and all your family are keeping well and safe. As a country we should congratulate ourselves on how we’ve done to this point, but let’s not lose what we have gained. Take the advice, be sensible and respectful of others. I think everyone agrees that our working lives have changed dramatically for better or worse, but this new working world is something we will have to continually learn to work with. In this months Blog, we take a look at market conditions, protecting your biggest and most precious asset and living in the Zoom world 2020-21-22???

Market digest:

The bounce did come in March with Global equities up 35% from the lows at the beginning of the month. The NASDAQ is actually close to its previous high points, with the tech sector performing as ‘best in class’ in terms of most indexes. Fund managers looking to forward thinking stock choices where ‘working from home, playing at home and delivering to home’ are all part of the offering. The market has accessed the latest COVID 19 and is seeing improvements. The general perception is that a U-shaped recovery could be apparent with most economies opening up and returning to work gradually. However, we are at the very early stage of reopening and any reversion in the improvements and curve could dramatically affect the U -shaped recovery view. Government fiscal policies, Central Bank swift action and some positive news on consumer spending have also added to market confidence. But as usual the detail is in the small print. There are numerous risks to a recovery and markets continuing to rebound. Volitivity will be part and parcel of each month.  Brexit has not gone away, the US election is pending, China and US tensions will all have significant impact on whether a recovery in markets continue in the last quarter. The benefit of staying in the marketplace cannot be underestimated as a client seeking to transfer funds that had seem a fund drop by €24,000 from February to March to cash funds; only to bounce back by €19,500. Transferring into cash would have missed the rebound. As one fund manager advised ‘Bull markets take the stairs up, Bear markets that the lift down’.

Zoom Town:

The Harvard Business review issued an article recently centred on the new Zoom phenomenon and how ‘Zoom fatigue’ is appearing as one of the biggest searches on Google since March. Watching out for wrinkles, expressions, tone and other visuals can be draining. The article recommends: –

  1. Taking mini breaks

Avoid if you can taking back to back calls and keep the minutes agenda based to 45 / 50 minutes. The longer the video call, the less focused attendees become. If the meeting drags on, allow people to drop in and out.

  1. Reduce what’s on your screen

The less that can be seen on screen during your participation in the call the better. Close down the outlook screen, google and that excel sheet if you can. Human nature will sometimes mean people not only focusing on the individuals attending but also on their backgrounds. Plants, paintings, lamps or mirrors all provide distractions. Why add more to the mix. Turn down all these visual stimuluses that the brain may have to deal with and get down to business.

  1. Switch to a phone and emails if your Zoomed out

It may be the case that your maxed out with ¾ Zoom calls and a simple telephone or email conversation situation would suit better. A change is as good as a rest.

4. The intimate nature of video

Yes, some people do find video and camera calls intimating. An attendee may feel your invading their personal space and this needs to be respected. A solution to this could be to return to the level of communication that this individual is used to i.e. FaceTime, WhatsApp, or phone call. If someone declines a Zoom call, that’s ok and a switch back to what gets the business done is the best option.


Protect your biggest asset – FAMILY.

We have been reviewing clients and have made certain recommendations to their current cover. Remember Dual Mortgage protection cover is available in the market now, with double the cover on the contract and in most instances for little or no increase in cost.

If you’re in a non -pensionable job, why not take out pension term assurance FULL TAX RELIEF on your premium. Saving thousands over the term of the policy.

Now is the time to check your Serious Illness cover as the terms and conditions could be affected in the future.



Keep, safe and well