Privacy Policy

privacy policy


Ronan McCarthy Life and Pensions ltd will now operate this new concept re privacy by design/ default; a principle which is embedded in the new GDPR rules and regulations. In order to adhere to this concept our firm will:

  1. Use appropriate technical and organisational measures to insure privacy
  2. Hold only the minimum amount of information necessary for the intended purpose and recognising that said information should be accessible to as few people as possible.
  3. Implement data minimisation “ where possible “ and by default only closest what is really required.
  4. All access to data will be controlled and Limited
  5. Retrieval, erasure and portability measures are in place in the design of our data processes
  6. Security is fundamental to our data design
  7. Data is only collected for the specific purpose it was collected for
  8. Clean desk policies, office environment controls and procedures are in place
  9. A DPIA will be done annually.

The above policy and procedures are now set in place to insure that our our clients can be confident that we take the protection of data seriously. The data collected and shared is only used to contract the required specific contracts and is used only to enhance our service. We share your data with regulated third parties who work on behalf of Ronan McCarthy life and Pensions ltd to provide you with the necessary contracts, products and services .

Our Data Controller monitors our compliance requirements and is contactable at the contact address below:

27A Queen’s St, Tramore East, Tramore, Co. Waterford

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